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Pirate Book Chest notes

These are the notes I had saved regarding all the work set up and created for my self-hosted GoodReads clone of sorts, found over at . Some are most definitely done and covered, some details probably aren’t, but it shows how much detail was needed to set up.

Pirate Book Chest

  • Current read status – taxonomy
  • Shelves – taxonomy
  • genre – taxonomy
  • start date – post meta – MAYBE post_date
  • finish date – post meta – MAYBE post modified date.
  • current page – post meta
  • total pages – post meta
    percent complete – math
  • book cover – featured image/upload (personal photo)
  • review – comment (not needed to give rating)
  • rating – comment meta
  • ISBN – post meta
  • title – title
  • author(s) – meta
  • book description – post_content
  • annotations – comment type comment


shelf archives as primary browsing.
grid view with just book images
list view with more details.

  • title
  • cover
  • author
  • my rating
  • Shelves
  • start date
  • end date.
  • edit link

Books by year.
Books by month? – Date queries that use 'column' => 'post_modified_gmt' . Would need to mind potentially updating after the fact too, so perhaps meta to compare to for official end date? If have end date meta and modified is more recent, use post meta.


Current read status and Shelves could potentially be merged.
microformats available?

To consider

set “to read” priority.
GoodReads API to fetch comparative data.

  • perhaps overall rating?
  • anything else

Post back to GoodReads as i update my own.

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