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Dream house

My brother would call me a bit hypocritical for posting this, but I’m fine with that at the moment. He’s expressed much more interest in actually getting a proper house instead of a shared apartment, and for the most part I’ve rebuffed the thought. In large part, because I don’t necessarily want to shackle myself to an area, in case I do want to pick up and move out of South Dakota sometime. I also don’t necessarily want to go full in with him in case I manage to actually meet someone. However, if I was in a position of a tenant to him, I’d be more open to the idea. He’d be the owner, I’d be the renter of space.

With all that said, it hasn’t stopped me at times from imagining what I would want in a house, if I was to become owner or part owner.

Built in bookshelves

I’ve become an avid reader over the past few years, so bookshelves would be a must, and to add to the necessity of it, the idea of built in ones feels nice.

Dedicated function rooms

A classical study room and/or a library that I could also treat as a dedicated work spaces.

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