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D2k, long distance dating at the turn of the millennium

Do not mind this patch of the garden initially. I will flesh it out into a more cohesive story in the long term, but to start, I need to just get the seeds out on the ground.

This will be a potentially very long story about 18 months at the turn of the century, when I was a participating forerunner of online dating when it was very much not a popular thing to do.

Some things will feel like they’re no big deal, why did I worry, why did I bother? Keep the context in mind. Anyways, seeds with no discernible order…

  • IRC, Starchat and TriviaTime
  • digital couches
  • christmas timers on 56k modems
  • webtv
  • online “kisses” that still managed to hurt someone I had actually met
  • A&W root beer meetup and baseball.
  • rechargeable phone cards
  • bowling alone the night that I found I was being broken up with
  • unintentionally leaving someone alone when I said I’d be back, but never did return to where she was.
  • Attending the last day of school at Potlatch Idaho High
  • a brown old caravan with a huge gash in the windshield
  • lugged around desktop computer
  • Aqua
  • Having had some alco-pops purchased that we could have consumed but never did
  • Ogres having onions
  • Late night phone conversations with a toddler
  • Renting the movie Rat Race
  • Palouse WA high school graduation
  • Two week trip from south central South Dakota to Missoula Montana and up onto the Washington/Idaho border
  • Parents that put a lot of trust in their 18 year old son.
  • Accidentally getting someone kicked out of their own high school’s dance with Cotton Eye Joe
  • American Pie
  • Crying on a relatively short bus ride
  • Being a one-night guest at a house that was understandably going to want/need to charge for any more
  • burning mix CDs on Carol’s bedroom floor
  • Self harm prevention
  • skeletons preventing most levels of physical intimacy.
  • Learning I was being broken up with one week in to the two week trip, but still sticking it out.
  • Coming to understand, long time ago mind you, that that breakup was for the best. Things couldn’t have continued.
  • Burger King, day 1.
  • South central SD to Missoula MT in 11hr.
  • Final embraces before parting for home.
  • porcupine meatballs with Carol’s mom.
  • Star wars VHS box set, and wanting to watch some, but never doing so.
  • Dan, post-breakup
  • late night walk to a park
  • co-authored websites
  • Arisa
  • toe nail polish
  • video chat attempts

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